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We supply floral arrangements and décor for companies and individuals during functions, be it small functions or big functions. We provide floral arrangements that are in a unique state of the art vases and non floral centerpieces:

Events like Weddings.

Blooming flowers skilled and talented florists are dedicated to telling your unique story through extraordinary and memorable floral designs.

From a simple wedding bouquet to a glamorous Bridgeton ballroom transformation, wedding flowers play a significant part in creating the atmosphere on the day.  We understand taste and budgets are different whether you prefer simple, relaxed styles or dream of jaw-dropping floral presentations, Blooming Flowers will make it a ceremony to remember.

 Once you choose our team, our talented florist wedding team will take care of everything – from the initial meeting by phone, in person, or by video, to clearing up after your big day. Our complete wedding Floral service is tailored to you and your story and comprises consultation, unique design concepts, visualizations, floral setup samples, and recommendations.

Wedding Decorations

Car Decorations:

The one with white like bouquet is KSH 5500/-

The other one with greenaries is KSH 4600/-
The groom boutonniere is KSH 250/-

1.  Bridegroom and Groom car Decorations

 The bridal car, a symbol of elegance and romance, is meticulously adorned with cascading flowers and flowing ribbons, creating a captivating visual spectacle. Its graceful presence adds a touch of sophistication to the wedding, providing the perfect backdrop for the newlyweds’ grand entrance and a memorable exit as they embark on their journey together.
 2. The groom boutonniere
 The groom’s boutonniere, a small yet significant detail, is a carefully crafted floral accent adorning his lapel. Complementing the wedding theme, it often consists of a delicate arrangement of blooms, perhaps mirroring the bridal bouquet. This elegant touch adds a refined flourish to the groom’s attire, symbolizing the beauty of the occasion and the union of the couple.

Events Decorations

Floral arrangements for events are artfully crafted compositions that transform venues into enchanting spaces. These arrangements typically feature a harmonious blend of blooms, foliage, and accents, meticulously chosen to suit the occasion. From striking centerpieces on tables to cascading arrangements adorning entrances, each display reflects the event’s theme, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere that captivates attendees and adds a touch of natural beauty to the celebration.

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